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Last updated: 02-02-09


Delay of signal with  - After x time

X <= not X could actually synthesize into hardware but will properly be less useful for an oscillator as the frequency will depends on internal delay.

But for a simulation oscillator with a after "clock period"/2 statement will it turn out useful.

An other way to utilize  the after statement could be the compunded version where the values and delays separated with commas.



Delay of a signal with  - wait for x time

the process of VHDL a quite power tool in order to produce simulation code.

Please note that process will run forever - meaning it will start again automatic when ever it ends.

The only way to "kill" a process will be a wait statement without any time assignment.

The wait for 20 ns will wait for the given time (20 ns)



The Process will repeat forever
A single Wait statement will "kill" the process.







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