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#1.1 Schematic Design
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The first schematic Design

  •  Goals of this exercise:

    • Introducing the XiLinx ISE program

    • How to create a schematic source module

    • How to work with busses and single wires

    • How to create a new schematic symbol from a module

    • How to assign package pins.

    • Test of the BASYS or NEXYS2 kit.

 Note:  Lots of documentations for the ISE can be found under the Help menu

Creating a New Project


Please note - Spaces not allowed in names and paths


Selection for the BASYS kit:


Selection for the NEXYS2 kit:



Creating New Source - A Schematic

  1. Schematic enables you to draw  diagrams with standard components (called symbols). A new symbol can be created from a Schematic and later used in a new design.

  2. Be careful to select names without spaces and "non letter/digits" besides underscores.

  3. Please notice! You will have to press Next several times in order to actually create the Source file.
    (Not shown here)

Select the Schematic file for edit


Use the window - Float  (Much easier to work with the design)


  Adding Symbols 


  Adding Wires and Busses


   Adding names to wires and busses


 Adding I/O pads

The a

 The Complete design of the Exercise

Use the filter to search in All Symbols or use
the Categories


 How to Create and use a new Schematic Symbol


 Assign Package Pins for the BASYS kit - (Details for the Nexys2 kit below)

Note the Tree-Structure of components

The first time will you be asked to add a UCF-file.


 How to get rid of the CClk warning



 Use the Digilent ExPort tool for programming (Adept Software Suite)


Press: (Initialize Chain)

You must be able to find the bit-file (Add File).

The program will remember the name and placement.

Select the FPGA and eventually deselect the ROM.

Press: (Program Chain)


   Pinout of the BASYS kit - (extract only - please consult the documentation for more details)
 Note!   add  "P" to the pin number 


Test the BASYS:

Set switch 7 low and switch 6 to 0 high.

Press button 3, 2, 1, 0

Which levels turns leds and displays on/off?



  Pinout of the NEXYS2 kit - (extract only - please consult the documentation for more details)