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#2.1 Decoders
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Decoder test - the D3_8E





  1. Use the [Select Object(s)] tool to point at the component.

  2. Note the red colour as marker

  3. Select the [Push into Symbol] to open a new window with the content of the symbol
    (Works only with complex components like this)

  4. If your working with floating windows must you go back to the ISE window in order to find to Schematic.

  5. Try to figure the diagram
    (which level of E will enable the Decoder)


How to assign fixed levels like 1/0 => Vcc / Gnd





















  1. Go back to the schematic and make the signal E an input.
  2. Make a test with the new circuit.
  3. If you like to try some VHDL - do the same with the VHDL example.