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#2.2 Mutiplexer
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Multiplexer test - the M4_1E






Symbol info

For each symbol in the schematic library exist a datasheet with a complete description.

You can find the Data book with all datasheets under the help or you can get information for the particular symbol.

VHDL information: The components can be used from a VHDL based design as well
(More about this elsewhere)


Extract from the M4_1E


The Diagrams which used as description of the M4_1E.

This design element is inferred rather than instantiated.

Oversat til dansk!
Dette diagram antyder kun princippet i kredsen. I virkeligheden er den lavet på en anden måde

Logic in a FPGA

All combinatorial logic will be implemented as LUT (Look Up Tables)

In older version of the XiLinx ISE was it possible to implement and simulate a diagram like this directly. Due to the fact that a symbol like the M4_1E build of M2_1 multiplexer is this not possible anymore.

Instead do you have to Create a  new Schematic Symbol from the diagram and this can then be used for implementation etc.

VHDL note:  Nearly everything in a design (including schematic diagrams) will be translated to VHDL source files.

Will be presented later.

After selecting the Muxtest1 and by pressing [Create Schematic Symbol] under the Design Utilities will the Muxtest1 symbol be ready to use in a new diagram.

Note the tree-structure which present the relation between the symbols.


  •  Test the M4_1E and evaluate the truth table