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How to make COE-files
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The COE-file format can be found in the documentation of Xilinx ISE. Basically will the text-file contain information of Radix = 2, 8, 10 or 16 and the Datawords needed for the ROM.

Almost all programming languages (VHDL included) can be used in order to produce a COE-file, but Excel gives some nice features like VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

If you create macros in connection with a Excel spreadsheet will they be stored as VB (Visual Basic) code.
Press <Alt>+<F11> in order to start the editor or use the several others ways to run the macros (which also called subrutines)






The easiest way to use Macros will be the menu "Makroer"

"Afspil" will run the macro as an alternative to the "press buttons"

"Rediger" will open the editor and allow you to change the code

"Indspil makro" will create a new Macro