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Last updated: 18-03-09



Be sure to connect the PmodENC - correctly to the NEXYS or BASYS kit  - Watch the "Flower" at the plug


  Exercise 1:

Observe to functionality of the PmodENC at the diodes - already implemented in the psm program and hardware.
Turn both ways and press down the turn-key as well - finally try the Switch.


  Exercise 2: - A software solution

Modify the program with a counter (8-bit) which uses the A,B signals from the PmodENC to increment and decrement


  Exercise 3: - A hardware solution

Modify the PicoBlaze_Starter.VHD in order to implement a hardware solution of exercise 2.
I order to read the counter from the program must you implement an extra address.


  Exercise 4: - implement a "watch" like counter - Hardware or/and Software

A hard one perhaps ....




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