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How to program a BlockRAM via JTAG / USB



Last updated: 19-03-09

If you want  to use a Picoblaze in your digital design must you start creating the hardware needed together with a "BlockROM" which initialized with the program. The command line below will do the trick .. no problems

Once the hardware debugged will most changes be done in the software. Its however quite timeconsuming to repeat the Synthesize - Place&Route process each time a single bit changes in the BlockROM.

The JTAG_loader_ROM_form.vhd utilizes the fact that all BlackRAM / ROMs can be used as Dual-Port. Hence is it possible to program a BlockROM directly without changing the rest of the hardware.

Too bad can't this be done with a USB programming interface and the Digilent Adapt Suite, only with a "real" JTAG programming tool




JTAG programmer for printerport

Xilinx Platform Cable USB programmer


The COE command will create a textfile named Romfile.COE

EXEC will call a Batch file


If the hex2svf.cnf file don't exist will the hex2svfsetup program be called.

Afterwards will a command file  impact_batch_commands be build.

Watch the list below.




The result of the setup above called hex2svf.cnf

For some "strange" reason will it appear as
"Hurtigt opkald" at my computer








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