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Toggle - Flip/Flops



Last updated: 29-01-09



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   Extract from the datasheet

  FTCLE is a toggle/loadable flip-flop with toggle and clock enable and asynchronous clear.

When the asynchronous clear input (CLR) is High, all other inputs are ignored and output Q is reset Low.

When load enable input (L) is High and CLR is Low, clock enable (CE) is overridden and the data on data input (D) is loaded into the flip-flop during the Low-to-High clock (C) transition.

When toggle enable (T) and CE are High and L and CLR are Low, output Q toggles, or changes state, during the Low- to-High clock transition.

When CE is Low, clock transitions are ignored.

The flip-flop is asynchronously cleared, output Low, when power is applied.













How to use Symbol Name Filter


F for Flip Flops

T for Toggle

C for Clear (asynchronous)

P for Preset (asynchronous)

R for Reset (synchronous)

S for Set (synchronous)

E for Clock Enable

L for Load

X for eXstra functionality


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