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Dice 2
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Dice 2 - the counter part



Last updated: 29-01-09

In order to let the Dice roll we need a 3-bit Counter. Whether it should count a sequence like 0,1,2,3,4,5 or 1,2,3,4,5,6 depends on how you designed Driver1.

The best way to implement the Counter at this point in the course will be Toggle-Flip/flops (T-F/F).

The Counter must have one control input called "Roll" - if Roll=1 must the counter be active and when Roll=0 must the counter "freeze"

Study how a 4-bit counter could be implemented with T-F/Fs here:



2a)  Make the counter for your Dice.

  Hint: The circuit below seams to be a valid solution - however shows the simulations some false conditions like:
             1) After power on, and before the first press at Roll (meaning Roll=1) will the counter initialize to 000 instead of 001
             2) Whenever Roll=0 should the counter stop at the current value, but it seems that this Dice never will give you "Six"

     Make a modified version of the Dice-counter or start a new design from scratch.



2b)  Make the final design for Dice2 version 1

  Please note!  It should be possible to simulate the schematic above, BUT due to some bug in ISE must you convert the design into a new component - then your allowed to simulate.

2c)  Try a simulation as well:




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