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 If I hear     -    Will I forget 
If I
read - Will I remember
If I
do -  Will I understand
#1   Create an electronic dice - version: 1..5
#2   Make a "BCD to 7 Segment" component for the BASYS kit.
#3   Make a "Multiplexed display" component:
  Your given a set of schematic components and its your task to create similar VHDL components.
#4   Make a Binary Coded Decimal component to form a 0000 to 9999 counter
#5   Make a State Machine which implement a toggle function to a button
#6   Make a Stopwatch which implement a Lap-time function.
#7   Make a Binary to Bcd conversion circuit based mostly at components from other lessons etc.
  An alternative task could be a Bcd to Binary conversion which could be done with the same circuit after some adjustments.
#8  Make a calculator based at the Reverse Polish Notation principle.
#9  Make a updated version of the Gnome processer - The Gnome II