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More realistic SPI interface

This version the first real attempt creating Master and Slave modules for a SPI interface. The Slave module now got a SS (Slave Select) input which active low. The Master does really need this similar output - but instead it got a SCS1 (Slave Chip Select) output.

The Slave MISO output will use a Tristate buffer for output - this important if you want to have a system with more independent Slaves. (But OK - in this version could the output be driven directly).
The SS will also be used to strobe from the Slave shift-register to the Dataout (Led's)

Inside the Master module will you now find a state machine which necessary  to create a better timing of the data exchange (Please note! - This not THE Solution of a SPI - just a hint of how it can be done)

The Simulation and test shows that data actually could be transferred - but you must realize that the state machine takes extra Clock-pulses to actually produce the data exchange. The timing of the MISO line seems to have some problems, even it works in practice and simulation - The first data-bit almost invisible when the line become active (when SS shifts from high to low)

The Next version must also introduce the CPOL and CPHA control bits for both Master and Slave.
Moreover will you properly need the possibility of loading data into the Slave and Receiving data from the Master as well.

If you search the net for stuff like "HC11 SPI" can you find links with lots of inspiration for a better interface.



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