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VHDL implementaions
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Last updated: 31-01-09

VHDL offers you many ways to implement a Synchronous State Machine. In most cases will the resulting hardware be the same as the synthesize tools recognize your "intensions" even you trying to "fool the tool".

The example concentrate of the question - Should you use one, two or three processes for your State Machine.

In the old days of computer science (way back in the 1950ies) was hardware expensive and the need for speed less.
If you wanted to add two number of say 64-bit length would the cost of a true parallel adder be unbearable (literally).

On the other hand -If you where willing to use 64-clock pulses would the hardware cost be reasonable.



State Machine with 1 process

The one process description of a State Machine comes natural - and could be considered good practice as well.

However must you be aware that all signals inside a Clock-driven process will be assigned to a F/F. That's the reason why a Mealy output like Sum ends like a Pipelined output.




State Machine with 2 processes

The Two process description of a State Machine a good choice for a Mealy type State Machine.

The Output logic process must of course be a Combinatorial process - Hence must all inputs and the Current state be in the sensitivity-list.  An alternative could also be "pure" concurrent code.



State Machine with 3 processes

The Three process approach could like like a lot of extra effort without extra gain. How ever must you realize that as the complexity of the State Machine increases will the change of errors also increase.
The type errors of the nasty kind - namely errors which not show up in the synthesize process and only will show up through simulation and in the real hardware.

By splitting your design in "pure" combinatorial process for the Next State logic and a Clock-driven process for the Next State Logic do you make life easier for the synthesize tools. The change of getting this right the first time better.

Please note that in this example will the 2 Process description properly be the best choice.






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